Automobile History Education

The Kemp Foundation supports automobile history education.

  • Museum of Transportation – The Transport Museum Association (TMA) incorporated as a non-profit educational organization to better serve the financial and volunteer needs of the Museum its mission is ‘to be the leader in protecting and interpreting North America’s transportation heritage.’  The Kemp Foundation has donated a number of automobiles that help the TMA to educate folks in the St. Louis Area.
  • The Kemp Auto Museum – The Kemp Foundation operated the Kemp Auto Museum from April of 2005 to June of 2015 in Chesterfield, Missouri.  During that period, the Kemp Auto Museum featured the automobile collection of founder Fred M. Kemp II.  In addition to the collection, the museum had made a significant mark in the community with some 800 events.  Several of these included national exposure such as Albert PuJol’s charity and certain nationally covered politicians and speakers.  The relationship with local, regional and national auto enthusiasts was also developed via car shows, conventions, club meetings and other events such as Big Truck Day.  The museum was located on 5 acres in one of the most dense retail strips in the St. Louis Metro Area.  Despite the museum being owned by a nonprofit, the museum assets were taxed heavily.  As a result, the real estate, personal property and other taxes made continuation of the museum unsustainable.
  • St Louis Car Museum – While not a grantee of the Kemp foundation, the “Crown Jewel” of the Kemp Collection – the 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 Special K Roadster – is on display there.  More information on this rare car and its restoration is here [LoRes] [HiRes].